Mademoiselle Agnès

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La Bordée Theatre

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Fri 7 June
Sat 8 June
15:00 19:30

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A production by the Théâtre du Rideau Vert, created by the Théâtre Point d'Orgue (Canada | Montreal)


Agnès just can’t anymore. She can’t with couples. She can’t with single people. She can’t with smokers. She can’t with ex-smokers. She can’t with people. Not even with her son. Everyone lies. Everyone is fake. Her friends call her the “virtue terrorist”. She rejects the world and the world rejects her. Except for Sascha. Her young lover who never makes any mistakes. The Théâtre Point d’Orgue did a brilliant modern adaptation of Molière’s Misanthrope, by Rebekka Kricheldorf. A cynical comedy guided by Sylvie Drapeau’s astounding performance.

Strobe Ligths


In order to meet Mademoiselle Agnès, no need to know Le Misanthrope of which the show is a brilliant and daring adaptation. Instead, welcome the absolute beauty of Sylvie Drapeau’s performance who steps foot – with a surprising mastery – unto unknown territories. You will see that Molière’s genius stays intact and you will be thrilled with the monologues’ audacity and the accurate representation of human falsity. Our ennemys’ but also our loved ones’…

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Credits 👇

A play by Rebekka Kricheldorf
Translation : Rabih/Weigand
Adaptation and directing :  Louis-Karl Tremblay
Assistant director : Andrée-Anne Garneau

Cast :
Éric Bernier
Stéphanie Cardi
Luc Chandonnet
Nathalie Claude
Sylvie Drapeau
Félix Lahaye
Tracy Marcelin
Ariane Trépanier

Set : Louis-Karl Tremblay | Costumes : Karine Galarneau | Lights : Robin Kittel Ouimet | Music : Antoine Bédard | Props : Catherine Sainte-Marie | Makeup and hairstyling : Justine Denoncourt-Bélanger

This play was created by the Théâtre Point d’Orgue and was presented at Théâtre Prospero in the Fall of 2022. This new production is produced by the Théâtre du Rideau Vert.


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