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Tue 6 June
Wed 7 June

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Théâtre Astronaute _ Astronaut Theatre (Canada | Québec)



An omnipresent one-man band in the arts and performing arts in Quebec City, Emile Beauchemin commits himself for the first time as an author and actor with a very personal creation. The project was born after he suffered a serious heart attack at the age of 25 caused by burnout. As a compulsive workaholic, he tries to make his body perform better rather than limit his activities.

He takes up sport and becomes interested in the transhumanist movement, which aims to increase the physical and mental capacities of human beings through mechanical, biological or genetic processes. Essentially, he questions his own relationship with the concept of performance, his thirst for productivity and his desire for excellence. Escaping forward? Racing against time? Against death?

On stage, a treadmill. Emile runs. He runs the last of the 42 kilometres that constitute a marathon. The show tells the story of his quest, the race becoming the metaphor.  His vital functions are retransmitted on screens thanks to biometric sensors, their rhythm directly influencing the scenic environment. The story is punctuated by dreamlike segments, in which a prosthetic mannequin represents his double. A self-scientific fiction on the edge of documentary theatre, digital arts and performance, the work is captivating, fascinating and extremely touching.

Warning :
Strobe lights, special effects containing fake blood

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Emile Beauchemin
Rosalie Cournoyer
Maureen Roberge

Maureen Roberge
Emile Beauchemin

Mise en scène
Emile Beauchemin et Odile Gagné-Roy, avec le soutien de Marie-Ève Lussier-Gariépy

Oeil extérieur Jocelyn Pelletier
Assistance à la création et régie Véronic Marticotte
Conception lumière et vidéo Keven Dubois
Conception multimédia Louis-Robert Bouchard
Conception sonore et musicale Pascal Robitaille
Scénographie et direction technique Marie-Pier Faucher-Bégin
Conception prosthétique et effets spéciaux Patrick Fortin, Lorena B. Mugica, Cloé Lapointe
Dramaturgie Marie-Ève Lussier-Gariépy et Rosalie Cournoyer
Direction de production Anne Plamondon et Geneviève Caron

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