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An Evening of performances – Vivarium(s)

La Charpente des fauves


206 Christophe Colomb E St, Québec

Sun 26 May

Regular price / Voluntary contribution

PERFORMANCES (Disclaimer (partial and/or full frontal nudity and explicit content))

The evening is for mature audience only (partial and/or full frontal nudity) and explicit content.

On May 26, there will be an evening of performances inside the installation, to celebrate the closing of this project. You are invited to a queer and festive evening with 5 performers, two DJs, artists and artisans from the community, a tattoo artist and everything you need for drinks and sustenance!

VIVARIUM(S) is an interdisciplinary installation exploring the feeling of walking on egg shells. It is an invitation to overcome the discomfort of communication.

Faced with growing polarization, KILL TA PEUR is trying to determine and respect the boundaries between sharing and intrusion, empathy and aggressivity. With this goal in mind, respectful and safe interactions between trans and cisgender people were recorded and are broadcasted outside of the vivarium. Once inside the plexiglas cube, we are privy to the poetry and thoughts of the artists through headphones.

Vivarium(s) is a work of art entirely produced and created by the trans community.

You may have seen Vivarium(s) inside the musée de la civilisation de Québec, for the Love Me Gender exhibition.


KILL TA PEUR is a platform for artistic projects and contemporary creations resulted of a diversity of mediums. It was born from the desire to question our most intimate and collective fears, emphasized by atypical theatrical writing. The company supports research with cohesion, horizontality and acknowledgment of our biases; we celebrate living art that brings us together, enchants us, confronts us and celebrates us.




Photo credit : Charline Clavier

Nour Symon

Photo credit : Turgeon-Dalpé et Bijuriya

CisMon Genderfck

Photo credit : Jonathan B. Roy

Envy The Clown

Photo credit : Juicy Hy

Phile Després

Photo credit : Élie Dubois-Sénéchal

KILL TA PEUR gives thanks to the CAC and the CALQ for their precious help and support on the Vivarium(s) project.

We have quite the Festival for you

Regular price / Voluntary contribution

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