Immersive Walk-Through Experience // Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 9PM to 11PM

Où tu vas quand tu dors en marchant…?

On the site and the surroundings of ExpoCité

Thu 23 May
Fri 24 May
Sat 25 May
Thu 30 May
Fri 31 May
Sat 1st June
Thu 6 June
Fri 7 June
Sat 8 June

Regular price / FREE A production by Carrefour international de théâtre, presented by Ville de Québec (Quebec City)

Artistic Direction by Alexandre Fecteau, assisted by Nancy Bernier - THURSDAYS, FRIDAYS AND SATURDAYS FROM 9PM TO 11PM


Creation Aïcha Bastien N’Diaye & Lydia Wagerer

Yahwatsira’, Wendat word for family, an animal’s litter or a bird’s brood. This scene is an opportunity to meet and share, a celebration through movement and music, of families, those we are born in and those we chose.

On an industrial-looking site, grows an installation that echoes both a worksite and a parking. In this hostile environment, 12 dancing and dynamic characters are brought to life. You will find movements that unites and celebrates our differences instead of fitting everything in the same box.

In the midst of the group, enchanting musicians will harmonize on African percussions, Irish jig, Pow Wow traditional music, voguing…anything to remind us that dancing is within everyone of us and that it is much more fun to dance with family than alone.

Join the family!


Conception et directing :  Aïcha Bastien N’Diaye and Lydia Wagerer
Choreographies : Aïcha Bastien N’Diaye and Lydia Wagerer with the generous collaboration of the cast
Set Design :  José Luis Torres
Costume Design : Laurie Carrier
Musical Director : Steve Hamel
Sound Design : Steve Hamel and Joseph Sarenhes
Lights : Laurent Routhier and Billy Bergeron
Assistant to the costume designer :Marie McNicoll
Help with the set building : Bruno Petit
Videographer : Magali Roche
Moccasins : Bastien Industries
Makeup : Béatrice Lecomte-Rousseau
Dressers : Laurie Carrier et Marie McNicoll
Stage Manager : Jean Bélanger

Cast :Sarah Audet-Belzile, Victoria Côté Péléja, Catherine Dagenais-Savard, Jean-François Duke, Amélie Gagnon, Steve Hamel, Audrey Harrison-Boisvert, Céline Khandjian, Oumar N’Diaye, Joseph Sarenhes, Magnifique Shimwa, Mélanie Therrien.

Thanks to : Christine Bastien, Phil Birnbaum, Théâtre du Trident, Deligaro Services Immobiliers, Long & Mcquade


Creation Étienne La Frenière

Years before the fatal eruption of Vesuvius in the year 79, the citizens of Pompei survived a lot of natural disasters which we can now associate to foreshadowing signs : repeated earthquakes which destroyed houses, toxic emissions which killed livestock… Then, all of a sudden, Vesuvius erupted and turned the entire city to ashes.

In this day and age, with the climate change breeding more and more natural disasters, Vesuvius takes roots in this thousand-years-old tragedy to observe humanity’s lack of actions for our natural habitat. While the citizens of Pompei did not have the tools to foretell this tragedy, their inaction towards the foreshadowing events echoes the current times : nature is speaking, let’s pay attention!

With twenty performers around a huge installationVesuvius tells the dream-like story of the relationship between human-fossils and a volcano. The creator Étienne La Frenière orchestrates physical theatre, epic music and creative scenography signed by Vano Hotton. A surprising visual story threatened by the explosion and offering a good dose of humility to humanity.

Maybe for dust we are at the foot of a dust mountain.


Conception and directing : Etienne La Frenière
Dramaturgy and assistant to the director : Véronic Marticotte
Set Design : Vano Hotton
Costume Design : Delphine Gagné
Sound Design : Nicolas Dignard
Lights : Laurent Routhier & Billy Bergeron
Choreographies : Marie-Chantale Béland
Makeup Design : Béatrice Lecompte-Rousseau
Assistant to the set designer : Simon Rollin & Marie-Pascale Chevarie
Assistant to the costume designer and make-up : Charlyne Roux
Assistant to the costume designer and dresser :  Vicky Fortin Boudreault
Assistant to the costume designer :  Marie-Ève Cormier
Consultant for shadow theatre : Alain Lavallée
Sewing : Janie Gagnon
Stage Manager : Noémie Percy

Cast : Jean-Marie Alexandre, Lé Aubin, David Boily, Valérie Boutin, Mathilde Eustache, Laurent Fecteau-Nadeau, Annie Gagnon, Nadia Girard Eddahia, Marie-Noëlle Goy, Alexandra Jacques, Myriam Lenfesty, Laurent Marion, Antoine Paré-Poirier, Philippe Rivard, Sarah-Jane Savard, Élie St-Cyr, Mario Veillette, Ariane Voineau.

Thanks to : The entire team at the Carrefour and its volunteers, La Charpente des fauves, La Grosse Affaire, Éva Patenaude, Juliette Bernatchez, the tarpaulin’s donors and Deligaro Services Immobiliers.
Priceless sound consultant :  Marc-André Lebon


Creation Nicolas Drolet & Erika Soucy

Shop around the stalls of the Influencers’ Market to find your sweet spot, inspiration, entertainment and/or the best deal for self-love! Fake Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitch and YouTube stars make a spectacle of themselves, without ever looking you in the eyes of course.

Through the event, you may ask yourselves : “Is it a zoo? A fair? Is this Amsterdam’s red light district?” And we’ll answer : “Nah, bro. That’s just the internet and there’s no escape.”

Whether content creators or Broadway performers, these influencers will dazzle you with a Musical of Depravity. By celebrating emptiness and excess, the Influencers’s Market questions our passive and compulsive consumption of social media and sheds light on our strange habit of feeding the beast.

«We are all ostrogoths on vacation.»


Original idea : Nicolas Drolet
Conception : Nicolas Drolet and Erika Soucy
Director : Nicolas Drolet
Script : Erika Soucy
Music : Sarah-Anne Arsenault
Choreography : Alice Vermandele
Set Design : Vanessa Cadrin
Makeup and Costume Design : Géraldine Rondeau
Lights :  Laurent Routhier & Billy Bergeron
Assistant to Set Designer and Props : Geneviève Bournival
Help with the set :  Bruno Petit
Sonorisation : Patrick Paquet
Makeup :  Géraldine Rondeau
Wigs : Myriam Richer
Dresser : Géraldine Rondeau
Stage Manager : Marie-Hélène Cliche and Daniel Aubé

Cast : Bertrand Alain, Miryam Amrouche, Cloé Arias, Anne-Virginie Bérubé, Charlie Cameron-Verge, Jean-Michel Girouard, Pierre-Olivier Grondin, Eudes La Roche-Francoeur, Valérie Laroche, Mary-Lee Picknell, Steven Lee Potvin, Alice Vermandele.

Thanks to : Keven Dubois, Dillon Hatcher, Laurianne Lapierre, Sonia Montminy, Pierre-Yves Laflamme, the Théâtre du Trident, Deligaro Services Immobiliers and Juno & Frère.

Inspiration :  Bob Fosse, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Walt Disney.


Creation Jocelyn Pelletier & Pascal Asselin (Millimetrik)

Through an immersive flashback in the 90s underground rave culture, the audience is welcomed to let loose and access this sort of collective trance in which the pleasure of dancing and being together is electrifying and freeing. These rave parties were a safe space for people of varying cultures and style to get together and share through music and movement, a peaceful, profound, physical and greatly positive experience.

In this time capsule of the golden age of electronic music, the audience is also subjected to a key and very influencial element of this counter-culture movement : the art of graffiti. You are invited to explore this cellphone free universe, without judgement, castes and limits, like we can’t find anymore. The creators Jocelyn Pelletier and Pascal Asselin welcome you to this euphoric celebration!

Come over, let’s go in the 90s.


Conception : Jocelyn Pelletier and Pascal Asselin
Choreography : Nicholas Bellefleur
Set Design : Patrick Forchild
Props and costume design : Laurie Foster
Musical composition : Millimetrik
Lights :Laurent Routhier and Billy Bergeron
Assistant to the props and costume designer : Claudie Mailhot-Trottier
Makeup :  Béatrice Lecompte-Rousseau
Dresser :  Laurie Foster
Stage Manager :  Emilie Potvin

Cast : Nicholas Bellefleur, Claude Breton-Potvin, Lauriane Charbonneau, Julia-Maude Cloutier, Gabriel Cloutier Tremblay, Alexandre Cyr, Gabriel Fournier, Séverine Larivière, Joel Marin, Millimetrik, Laurence Moisan-Bédard, Nelly Paquentin, Odile-Amélie Peters, Romane Picard, Sarah Pisica, Marie Tan, Sophie Tremblay, Gestuel – the Dance Troup of Laval University.

Thanks to : Théâtre du Trident, Deligaro Services Immobiliers, Juno & Frère, Graffiti Boulevard – MTN Canada, Vanessa Cadrin, Étienne Manseau and the volunteers who are joining the game.




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