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Free Electrons

Pierre Gagné

Technical Director

Aube Forest-Dion

Coordinator of Logistics

William Maxime Fortin

Production Coordinator

Gabrielle Girard

Assistant Coordinator of the Satellite Activities

Thomas Tremblay

Volunteers Coordinator

Anne Payer

Communications Coordinator

Julie Morin, comm’julie

Public Relations

Administrative Board

Charles-Étienne Larivière, ing., P.Eng | President

Director at Structure et Bâtiments, Can-Explore

Renée Gosselin | Vice President

CEO, Manoir Victoria Hotel

Frances Caissie | Treasurer

Historian and International Affairs Consultant

Louis-Philippe Samson| Secretary

Lawyer, Associate at McCarthy-Tétrault

Étienne Talbot | Administrator

Promotion and Financial Development Director at Ville de Lévis

Pierre Sasseville | Administrator

Artist, Cooke-Sasseville

Rhonda Rioux | Administrator

Communications, International Relations and Cultural Consultant

Dominique Violette | Administrator

CEO at Carrefour international de théâtre

Antoine Motulski-Falardeau

Lawyer at TCJ

Où tu vas quand tu dors en marchant...?

Alexandre Fecteau

Artistic Director

Caroline Martin

Assistant to Artistic Coordination

Jean-Félix Labrie

Technical Coordinator

Laurent Routhier

Lighting Conception

Lorena Bouchard-Mugica

Crowd Management

Permanent Team

Marie-Josée Houde

Production Director


Marie-Andrée Paulin

Communications and Marketing Director

418 692-3131 poste112

Sophie Lemelin-Guimond

Executive Assistant & Ticket Office Manager

418 692-3131 poste135

Isabelle Carpentier

Programming Assistant and Coordinator of the Satellite Activities

418 692-3131 poste113

Joëlle Compagnat

Communications Coordinator

418 692-3131 poste116

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