Anna, ces trains qui foncent sur moi

Presented at Théâtre Le Diamant

3:50(with intermission)

In french

Mon 5 June
Tue 6 June

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Steve Gagnon (Canada-France-Belgium)



A group of long-time friends from the same political party are meeting as they do every year for a weekend in the country at the home of Daria and Stéphane, the country’s outgoing Prime Minister. Anna—a writer and Stéphane’s sister—is married to Yvan, the next party leader. A few years earlier, Anna had a passionate love affair with Alexis, a member of the same party from whom she had a daughter—Nina— whom Yvan passed off as his own.

During these mild long days of early summer, the wine flows freely, the tongues loosen, the conversations stretch until late at night and bring bursts of laughter and criticisms, dramas and secrets. Just as a group of deer begins to invade the property, Alexis suddenly reappears after four years of exile…

A comedy of manners, a political satire, a romantic drama and a detective story all rolled into one—this is a great show in every sense of the word, exceptional as much for its depth and the stature of its cast as for the richness and beauty of its ensemble. The abundant, lyrical, yet natural language of Steve Gagnon’s dialogue and the impetuous yet nuanced acting of the performers are all orchestrated with vigour and fluidity in a sumptuous setting by director Vincent Goethals.

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Théâtre Jésus, Shakespeare et Caroline
Théâtre en scène

Auteur Steve Gagnon
Mise en scène Vincent Goethals

Sébastien Amblard, Marie-Josée Bastien, Annick Bergeron, Lise Castonguay, Violette Chauveau, Frédéric Cherboeuf, Véronique Côté, Steve Gagnon, Clément Goethals, Marion Lambert, Édith Patenaude, Marc Schapira, Julie Sommervogel, Salim Talbi

Décor Anne Guilleray
Lumières Philippe Catalano
Conception sonore Olivier Lautem
Costumes Steve Gagnon
Régie Son Olivier Lautem
Régie Lumières Philippe Catalano
Assistance à la mise en scène Mattis Savard
Regard chorégraphique Sébastien Amblard
Graphisme Marie-Renée Bourget-Harvey
Direction de production Claudiane Ruelland

Théâtre en scène

Direction artistique Vincent Goethals
Direction administrative Jean-Jacques Utz

Théâtre Jésus, Shakespeare et Caroline
Direction artistique Steve Gagnon
Direction administrative Claudiane Ruelland

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