Jusqu’à ce qu’on meure

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Presented at Théâtre Le Diamant

1:10(without intermission)

Thu 25 May
Fri 26 May
Sat 27 May
15:30 19:30
Sun 28 May
15:30 19:30

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Brigitte Poupart (Canada | Montréal)



Who hasn’t dreamed of going back in time to change the course of events and alter the outcome? Here, the story begins at the end. We enter a city devastated and shattered by a cataclysm, the exact nature of which is unknown. Furniture, objects and bodies are floating in space. Time seems to be suspended. Then life slowly resumes and the story unfolds in reverse, going back in time to the moment before the catastrophe.

Jusqu’à ce qu’on meure is a euphoric sensory experience, an immersive and ambulatory event whose various scenographic installations are scattered throughout the room where seats have been removed. The public can circulate freely, lingering where they wish, discovering the work at their own pace and according to their desires. There is no predetermined route: you can watch the same scene several times, go through the whole set or follow any of the characters.

Twelve fabulous performers from seven different cultures and of various ages—coming from circus, theatre and dance backgrounds—form a flamboyant, vibrant and energetic cast, to which is added a live DJ who offers an explosive finale, a great party of which we are all part of. We are invited to dance… “until we die”!

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Directed by
Brigitte Poupart

Geneviève Lussier

Yury Paulau, Jeff Hall, Michaël Hottier, Yuma Arias, Fernando Gonzales, Joy Isabella Brown, Bia Pantojo, Eduardo Grillo, Axelle Munezero, Marie-Reine Kabasha, Lakesshia Pierre-Colon

Music Alex MacMahon
Sound design Jacques Boucher
Choreography Marie-Ève Quilicot, Dave St-Pierre
Acrobatic designer Mathieu Grégoire
Set designer Félix Savard
Scenography Advisor Hugues Lettelier, Patrick Binette
Costume design Cédric Quenneville, Dave St-Pierre
Hair and make-up Mélanie Belisle
Lighting design Mathieu Roy
Sound design Jacques Boucher
Operator Joseph Perreault
Technical director Martin Fassier
Stage manager Léa Touzé
Graphics Christian Garmatter

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